Our Timeless Year – Just Released

Our Timeless Year: Miracles of Love Lighten the Clouds of Dementia by Beverly Hamilton

$14.00 Paperback

When Beverly’s husband Ulf, was diagnosed with dementia and then sleep apnea they were faced with a challenging future. Though initially feeling helpless dealing with a loved one in crisis, through creativity and many tears Beverly shifted her perception of their changing lives from fear to love. This gave her a measure of quietness and peace woven into a time of great sadness and loss.

In Our Timeless Year Beverly expresses the love, often mingled with joy and laughter, that define the challenge of sharing this remarkable experience with Ulf.

Join Ulf and Bev in their journey of living in “the present moment.”

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Those of us who have explored spiritual paths in search of our true Self, often find it confusing.  It seems there is always something we have to do like meditate,  recognize our ‘false’ selves, forgive, stay in the present moment and generally unravel the mess we’ve made of our Selves.  What we’ve made is interfering with our journey down the yellow brick road.  It does beg the question: What is it all about?

It all sounds like very serious business.  Some proclaim if we don’t get it right according to them, we burn up, over and over.  Others believe we recycle until we get it right.  Then there are those who say this is just a hologram and we exist simultaneously  in multiple dimensional universes which is probably where the term multiple personalities originated.

I personally like the model that we created this 3 dimensional world of form amidst a larger energetic field that has very cleverly captivated our attention.  We have chosen to occupy this form in a seemingly solid universe of time and space.  Therefore, since the nature of form is to appear separate,  we have become “I”.  This “I” then makes decisions and judgments based on the well being of this form that is essential to it’s survival.  That’s just the beginning.  This form then morphs into many expressions carved from experience and proceeds to declare, ‘this is who I am’ and ‘I have a name’.   I might add, ‘at any one moment’,  since every frame of our emotional, mental and physical perception is instantly recorded on the celluloid of our mind.  These images soon become distorted like raindrops on the window.

So, here I sit on a rainy day, wondering where is the “I”  from years ago this summer, and light years from infancy to all the lives and identities I’ve worn since agreeing to produce this movie.  It’s like watching a dozen sitcoms at once on an ancient TV with very bad reception.  It does tend to have the effect of not taking myself too seriously.  Who am I?  Who cares?

What seems real to me is being fully  accepting of any manifestation of my particular form or any other form, imagined or present, with open arms and an open heart.  “Identity” becomes unnecessary when just ‘being’.  Time, space, form, separation and fear, the glue that holds all this together, no longer has meaning.  We experience these moments in those times when we are absorbed in something we love like art, music, gardening, even cooking our favorite dish.  No expectations.  Just being.  It is so ‘natural’ that we are not often aware our love of it comes from the freedom from thought it gives us.  These are mini vacations from the reruns in our mind.  So this incredible opportunity to peek behind the curtain of our play is actually effortlessly.

All in all, it is very simple to transform a world of fear and separation to one of love and gratitude.  It’s called creative decision making. We do have a choice. A Course in Miracles says we choose Love or Fear and manifest the results of that choice.  Phrases like ‘Being in the present moment”, “Forgiveness is the key to happiness” and “Love is the answer”, are used to point us to the realization that we are not who we think we are!  At some point, we have to laugh at the characters we’ve invented and used to create our world.  I find myself chuckling a lot.  Choosing Love brings a sense of freedom from our self imposed bondage of fear  creating the natural condition for laughter.

As we bask in loving gratitude in this present moment, the mists of our past identities dissolve into the tides taking us to the shores of our Self.  Home at last…and yet we never left.  Now that’s funny!

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Mystic Moons

When Ulf made his transition, there was a full moon. In the post, Life after ‘Life‘, I write about  driving home after being with Ulf for what I thought was the last time,  when I was literally ‘told’ to take another route home.  I wondered what this was about, until I topped a hill and the moon filled my windshield, guiding me all the way home.  Otherwise, I would not have seen it.  Ulf  had a strong connection with the moon.

Three months later on a clear, full moon night, I stepped outside and  took 4 photos, one after the other.  I looked at the moon and asked Ulf, “what do you want to say tonight?”  When I downloaded the photos onto the computer, one of the moons looked different.  When I  enlarged it,  I discovered to my great surprise,  a heart shaped moon!  I put this heart photo on the post, Gifts from the Heart. What a priceless gift!

Heart Moon

By now, you are probably thinking  that my communication with Ulf is a little strange.  Well, I think it’s fun.  My imagination likes to explore the many probabilities that exist in our universe.  However, my cluttered mind still wants to ‘protect’ me from fully experiencing the frequency  Ulf is enjoying.

We are told that the non-physical world is beyond our capacity to experience.  However, my aunt Margaret could!  She was doing astro-flight in the 50’s and was a remote subject for Dr. Rhine at Duke University and later, Dr. Charles Tart at UC Davis in their studies of the paranormal and altered states.  Dr. Tart’s book, The End of Materialism, tells how evidence of the paranormal is bringing science and spirit together.   Much like The Dalai Lama’s fascination with quantum physics that is so brilliantly addressed in his book, The Universe in a Single Atom- The Convergence of Science and Spirituality.  Are we on the brink of something here? There just might come a time when I can just ‘tweet’ Ulf!

In my last two post on Dementia: Closer to God,  I used  the moon and clouds as a metaphor for how our thinking mind, that stores our unloving memories, can shield the light that symbolizes clarity and love.  As we free this trapped energy, the cloud vaporizes and our light shines through.

Last night, I did the moon thing again to see if Ulf had anything to say.   I snapped two photos then downloaded to the computer.  There was the clear moon and the second photo showed a cloud of mist, right in front of the camera.  It had the same lights at the bottom like the moon photo, so same angle.  I ran back outside to see if there was a hint of what was on the photo.  No mist.  I took another photo and it was clear.  No mist!


Ulf's mistmist-03

Echart Tolle wrote this in his Monthly Newsletter.  “The awakening process has two aspects, or two dimensions, to it. One is finding the Source within yourself.  Then,  bringing that into your life more and more – so that your daily life becomes interspersed with that Stillness.  As your life becomes interspersed with that Stillness, the ego then begins to fade (the clouds).  You embody a different energy field – as if something from another dimension were coming through you into this world.”  Hello, Ulf!

A Course in Miracles (acim.org) states,  “Forgiveness literally transforms vision and lets you see the real world reaching quietly and gently across chaos.” “The world I look upon has taken on the light of my forgiveness and shines forgiveness back to me.”

My photos are showing me things I cannot see. I’m learning that  if we just allow ourselves to be in Stillness and practice forgiveness each moment, what we can’t see will somehow be revealed to us.

Dr. Charles Tart
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Believe it or Not

Our first experiences as infants teach us how to traverse this world we  inhabit.  The person who feeds us eventually returns to feed us again.  We learn to cry if it isn’t timely, often bringing desired results.  The same is true with all subsequent learning.  So our initial experiences establish our belief about how things work for us in this physical world.  Gradually we then become intrigued by the subjective world or the world we cannot see and it teases our imagination.  Some children even have ‘imaginary’ playmates or see ‘angels’.

We observe how animals seem to know instinctively what behaviors are necessary for survival. Documentaries on animals and their behavior from March of the Penguins, swimming with dolphins, living with bears, The Migration of Birds, are just a few that have given us a rare insight into animal culture and instincts.  For instance, young birds know when it’s time to leave the nest, unlike other species I could mention!

In his book, The Universe in a Single Atom,  His Holiness The Dalai Lama, explores the convergence of science and spirituality. Quote: “Given the highly subjective nature of our experience of consciousness, is an objective third person scientific understanding of consciousness possible?” It’s amazing how someone trained in an ancient spiritual system from a very early age, has had a life long passion for the mechanics of how things work in the physical world.   This  has led him to meet with  the world’s most renowned neuro-scientists and physicists who have mentored him in learning more about the brain and quantum physics.

This book also compares  the varying disparate findings of science with the same subtle variations existing in the philosophy of his religious traditions. Of course, I didn’t really understand all that was written and it left my head spinning.  However,  the fact that this revered spiritual leader is pursuing the possibilities that these two systems could, at some point in time, converge, got my attention.  Death is where this convergence becomes most obvious.   A Course in Miracles states: “There is no point at which the contrast between the perception of the real world and the world of illusions becomes more sharply evident.”

Often belief, which is an abstract concept,  is used as an attempt to freeze in time observations of our physical and non-physical universes into comfortable, safe, and predictable packages.  Beliefs can take on a life of their own becoming doctrine and dogma, a convenient tool for those who would use it as a source of power over others.  So it is refreshing to know The Dalai Lama likes to open the packages of belief and discover something new.

We can believe in flying saucers and aliens, things that go ‘bump’ in the night,  winning the lottery, any number of religious theories or that we’re the top of the food chain.  However, belief doesn’t necessarily make it ‘true’, whatever that is.  You see how confusing it is to figure out what is real from any point of view.  As one who learns through experience,  I  like to play with my subjective and objective realities which seem to always be in flux.  Often we are motivated to learn because of desire or need, whether it’s how to grow food, cure cancer or get to Heaven.  I personally want to know where Ulf is residing.  I’d like to ‘believe’ his loving energy is with me at this moment.

The Course says, “The world is nothing in itself. Your mind must give it meaning.  There is no world apart from what you wish…. Change but your mind on what you want to see and all the world changes accordingly. Ideas leave not their source.”  So what is in our mind except the past and future?  Maybe it’s suggesting we change our perception by emptying our mind and welcoming life in the present moment.  The Course, along with other systems of thought, guides us to do just that.  For now, I’ll accept that ‘belief’ as a way toward an expansion and creative experience.  After all, most creative tasks emerge from that state of just being in the present moment.  Maybe that’s what is happening ‘now’ as I write!

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‘Now’ is the Time!

Last year Ulf and I were enjoying a lovely New Year’s Eve dinner when he inquired about the noise from Time Square on the TV.  When I tried to explain about  time moving forward to another year,  he took my hand, looked into my eyes and said, “Beverly, my being here with you, holding your hand, is the only time there is”.

A Course in Miracles (acim.org) states in lesson 308:  “This instant is the only time there is. I have conceived of time in such a way that I defeat my aim.  If I elect to reach past time to timelessness, I must change my perception of what time is for.  Time’s purpose cannot be to keep the past and future one. The only interval in which I can be saved from time is now. For in this instance has forgiveness come to set me free.  Love is ever-present, here and now.”

We are told that we live in a dimension of time and matter.  Recently, I’ve been watching bio/documentaries.  It is always fascinating to see the many differences expressed in the human experience within a fairly narrow framework.    Their past is briefly brought to life,  the film ends and the spell is broken.  This mirrors all of the many scripts that become a part of our collective reality. It’s as if our bodies were time capsules that temporarily play out our dramas in ‘time’, then  vaporize.  What we call our ‘life’,  the Course calls an ‘illusion’ because we see it in terms of the ‘past’ and ‘future’.

On my last blog post, The Light of Love, I wrote about how a segment of our personal memory acts as a cloud that envelops and shields us from our painful past.  This is how we humans operate in time.  We use our brains to record every instant we are alive, attach it to an emotion, then hide from our awareness the parts that are scary and uncomfortable.  At best our filing system  is faulty.  This amalgamation of thoughts and images becomes our identity and we declare “this is who I am”!  This is commonly called our ego.  We then create our future selves from this collage.  As someone said, “Your past behavior is a good indication of what you’ll do in the future.”  This is how we tap dance through what we call life.  When we begin to question that premise, that is when the fun begins.  Are you ready??

What if there is a space between the past and the future that we actually inhabit. However, since it is outside our ‘time capsule’ identity, it is not a part of our recording and filing systems.   Where is this headed?  To me it implies we have chosen to block, for whatever reason, the awareness of an essential element while using our incredible powers to create. This piece of the puzzle does not fit into our scheme of things.  The Course refers to this “miscreation”, as a delusional system.

Eckhart Tolle, (www.eckharttolle.com) calls that missing link the “Present Moment” or the “Now”.  It is the essence of just ‘being’ without our convoluted, made up, identity.  There are paths to this experience, which is actually a non-experience since it is outside of time, therefore outside the system designed for our ‘time capsule’.  The Course uses profound and lovely words to gently guide us.  Candice O’Denver, (www.greatfreedom.org) presents a simple, non-dualistic guide to what she calls “clarity”.   You might say, all this sounds interesting, but where does it lead us?  It doesn’t lead us anywhere because that implies there is someplace else to go.  Unlike the thought system we made up that says we are separate and need something external to complete us,  these ideas suggest we are already complete and connected to a larger reality.  Form, whether manifested as bodies, flowers, animals, etc., is only a capsule expressing a small part of the whole of who we really are.  As we come into that awareness, form takes on a whole new function.  That’s where the fun is!  We are no longer limited to our ‘time capsule’ thought system.  Maybe it is actually ‘Heaven on Earth’.  There is no beginning and no ending…..just within.

This year has presented me with many challenges.  The world as I knew it has changed dramatically.  I feel the absence of the person I love, called Ulf.  However, since we often spoke of these thoughts, I am comforted knowing he  more fully occupies that expanded experience.  We occasionally share that space without form, outside our time capsules, at least in my imagination!

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